Here are the tips for unskilled or entry-level players.
Check them and improve your technique.

Drag the stylus to control
Once you started, keep the stylus on the screen and control by dragging.
Tapping could be the cause of spinning out.
Good starting
In default, the steering wheel is set straight. In starting, put the
stylus off the screen and hold down the accelerator button for the
start. When the signal turns green, go!
After a while, when your car drive at certain speed, set the stylus
in the center of the screen and start steering.
Steering with the stylus

it will take a little time to get used to handling the stylus as a steering device.
Learning to contol the stylus is key to becoming a racing ace.
Click the checkbox in the option for the navigation bar, then you will see how far you need to move the stylus.
If you turn the wheel rather slightly, you will get the sense of it.
The trick is to movethe stylus carefully and to focus your eyes on the
horizon of the track.