Endless playback your favorite videos in Picture-in-Picture for iPad/iPhone

  1. "Endless PiP" allows endless continuous playback of your favorite videos in Picture-in-Picture mode.
  2. You can freely create playlists with a mixture of videos from your iPhone and online videos from YouTube.

    YouTube playlists can also be added directly to "Endless PiP".
    Tap the "Share" button on the "YouTube" side of the playlist.
    If the share button does not appear, temporarily set the playlist to "Unlisted".

  3. Play videos continuously while operating the home screen or other apps.

    While a video is playing on "Endless PiP" simply switching to another app or the home screen will automatically enter Picture-in-Picture mode.
    The videos in the playlist will continue to play in sequence and shuffle indefinitely.

  4. "Endless PiP" can be customized with Background Blur and Four Theme Colors. Dark mode is also supported.

Supported OS iOS 15 or later
Supported Devices iPhone 6s/7/8/X/XS/11/12/13/14 Pro Max
iPad Air2, iPad 5th, iPad mini 4 or later, supports iPad Pro 11/12.7

* To comply with copyright laws, online videos are streamed, not downloaded. Please be aware of communication charges.

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